Whether you are old or young, male or female, own your home or currently renting, we all love it when Kim and Aggie get stuck in and turn a stinking mess of a home into a shiny new penny. Channel 4 is the home of the popular reality cleaning show – How Clean is Your House? and here at Wirral Cleaner we understand that everyone has times when they worry about someone coming into their home when it is not looking its best.

At The Daily Maid we have “seen it all”, and nothing surprises us anymore when we go to meet a new customer. Sometimes people tell us how nervous they are when we organise our first visit to your home with Jan and her team. We take this concern seriously and as a family business we look to make the process of inviting someone into your home for the first time as relaxing and as informal as possible.

Jan and her team all enjoy meeting new people and understanding our customer’s lifestyle and cleaning needs. Each customer has a story to tell and needs a service suited to their individual needs. We are specialist domestic cleaners and have many years experience of showing our customers homes in the best light.

Kim and Aggie have tons of cleaning tips at their finger tips, and at The Daily Maid we are no different. We have cleaned, scrubbed and polished many different types of spills and stains, and many of our customers love to find out the tricks of the cleaning trade from us. At The Daily Maid our advice is free and each new customer provides us with a new cleaning challenge, something I’m sure Kim and Aggie are more than used to.