Anyone who knows the Daily Maid team will know that we are a family-run business. As such we pride ourselves on working together as a team to make sure we provide a fantastic service to our customer.

If you are looking for a marketing agency to work with then look no further because we have a recommendation for you.

Over the years we have received many compliments about our website so we thought it was time to introduce the web wizards behind the scenes. Our son Phil Birss owns and runs Elephant Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Liverpool.

Founded in April 2014, Elephant Digital is a brandweb design and digital marketing based at Liverpool Science Park. Their mission is to make an impact on the world through the delivery of world-class marketing, technology and design.

The current site was designed and built by Phil in 2008 and we are happy to say that it has served us well ever since. People comment that the website stands out against our competitors and that the family element is a big selling point against the larger, and perhaps less personal, cleaning franchise websites.

We love our website too, but times are changing and the Daily Maid must move evolve so we can continue to provide our customers with a modern website that is fit-for-purpose. We are keeping all the things that make us a great little business, but in 2017 we are looking to evolve our brand identity a little bit.

The website will also be evolving later this year to make sure it is mobile friendly and keeps up to date with the latest technology.

To the left is a sneak peek of our new brand and our new logo coming soon in 2017. We are trying to keep the vibrant pink as our main colour but give the brand a bit of a retro look by playing of the 1950s soap opera style.

As always we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback as we look to launch the new brand.

Elephant Digital also work on all our marketing agency and have successfully kept us at the top of Google since 2008. I would that many of you reading this article have found us today thanks to the work of team at Elephant Digital.

Although we appreciate that Phil is part of the family, on behalf of Jan and I we would like to thank the team at Elephant for all their hard work.