Spring cleaning… it’s not something that many of us relish, is it? And yet, once it’s done, that feeling of being in a clean and tidy space is worth all the hard work. The thing is that for many of us time is a precious commodity, and one that we either don’t want to or truly can’t spare when it comes to giving our homes a thorough spring clean. 


The great news is that if you prepare a plan in advance, you can spend just one hour a day over no more than a week (and probably less) getting your house in order. Here are the first 15 tasks that you can easily complete on that first day of spring cleaning – in one hour. The question is, how are you going to enjoy the rest of the day? 


  • Clear Out A Drawer – Drawers can so easily becoming dumping grounds for anything and everything. Take a few minutes to have a clear out and you’ll feel better for it. 


  • Vacuum The Furniture – If you thought your vacuum cleaner was just for the floor, think again. Use it on your soft furnishings to bring them up fresh and new. 


  • Vacuum Behind The Furniture – For a proper spring clean you’ll have to use some muscle and move your furniture so you can vacuum behind it. It’s worth it! 


  • Vacuum The Mattress – While you’ve got the vacuum out, you might as well give your mattress a freshen up too! 


  • Vacuum The Skirting Boards – Dust gathers easily on top of skirting boards so they need a wipe down every now and then. You can either vacuum them or use a slightly damp duster to do the job. 


  • Whiten The Grout – Mucky grout can make even the cleanest of bathrooms looks grubby. Spray a good grout cleaner onto it and scrub it with a clean brush. Done! 


  • Dust The Hidden Spaces – Invest in a proper feather duster and get into the nooks and crannies (including all the corners and light fittings) to remove cobwebs and dust. 


  • Wipe Ceiling Fans – If you have ceiling fans you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to clean. Just carefully wipe them with a damp cloth. 


  • Degrease The Kitchen Cabinets – Over time, your kitchen will get greasy, so use a degreasing product and wipe it all down. It won’t take long. 


  • Clean The Cooker Hood – This is the area of the kitchen that is often the most grubby – so use some elbow grease to make sure it sparkles. 


  • Clean Your Stainless Steel – If there is anything in the house that is made of stainless steel it is going to need a quick wipe down! Use washing up liquid and water to make it shine. 


  • Freshen Up The Walls – Walls get dirty without us even noticing. Use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser (or similar) to wipe them clean. It will take five minutes per room, max. 


  • Check Your Air Vents – Air vents are dust magnets. Vacuum the dust away using the softest brush from your vacuum cleaning kit. 


  • Clean Your Windows – Cleaning your windows makes such a difference to the feel of cleanliness in your home, and it’s a quick and easy job too. 


  • Clean Your Gadgets – Finally, make sure that your gadgets – phone, tablet, remote controls etc – get a wipe down. Those things harbour all sorts of germs.