Thank you to everyone who sponsored us for completing the North West Tough Mudder on 12th September 2015. As the heading suggests, it was extremely tough and tremendously muddy! Following 5 gruelling hours, 11.6miles and 26 obstacles, we had scaled swamps, sewer tunnels and even 10,000 volt electric shocks to get to the end of the course.

By far the worst obstacle was the ‘Arctic Enema’ in which had you climb scaffolding to reach a slide that fully submerged you in a skip full of ice water – what a shock!

Thank you again to everyone – it really helped us whilst completing the course to know we had managed to raise £492.99 for the fantastic charity, CALM, so thank you. For anyone who hasn’t yet donated, our page is still open for the time being:

You can read more about CALM by clicking here. Thank you again for your continued support.