We’ve found in our time – both professionally and on a personal level – that builders, though good at their jobs, can be a really messy bunch. In all fairness their job is to fix, repair and create. As cleaners in Wirral, it’s our job to clean up builders’ mess and make houses spick and span after they’ve been visited by fix-it-men of all shapes and sizes.

Builders’ expertise lies in mending, and though you may have a good builder who picks after himself, he won’t be able to do a thorough job that reaches deeply and scoops the muck out of every nook and cranny. The Daily Maid to the rescue! We are a Wirral cleaner that can visit any home in the area, armed with precision cleaning tools that will help get all the dust and grime out of your home. You’ll never even know the builders have visited.

But our services don’t just extend to cleaning up after builders, we can also offer a one-off deep clean service, spring clean, after-tenancy cleaning service and more alongside our regular, thorough cleaning services.

You’ll need a cleaning service depending on the work your builder is carrying out on your house. If they are working externally they may bring lots of debris into the house with them. Working on the loft can be a dusty business while house extensions bring a whole new world of pain to your regular cleaning routine. When you invest in The Daily Maid as your Wirral cleaner, we’ll shoo any trace of building residue out the door, where it belongs!