As cleaners on the Wirral we’re always looking to expand our operation to make our cleaning experience the best it can possibly be for clients.

Cleaning the Wirral is no easy feat though, so we look for a special breed of person to represent The Daily Maid. We want our cleaners to feel the passion that we feel for the art of cleaning, and the desire to give clients the most immaculate services possible.

Previous experience is of course an advantage, but were we to find the right kind of person to represent The Daily Maid who really enjoys working hard then we will always give them a leg up and teach them the standards we expect for our clients.

As a domestic cleaner on the Wirral representing us you will receive fully-comprehensive training. But we’re also looking for quirks and abilities that simply can’t be taught. We’re looking for cleaners who have the ability to smile and look on the bright side when a job is tough, and people with excellent manners who know how to communicate effectively.

We’re a committed team here at The Daily Maid and understand that your family comes first. Our philosophy is the same – our family is incredibly important to us and so we can afford some flexibility. However, in return we need someone who is fearless to a challenge and is able to make our clients feel like the most important people on the planet.

If you sound like the kind of person we’re looking for and would like to register an interest with The Daily Maid, contact us today!