We have two dogs. We have a big family. We have a carpet. What else do we have when we combine all three? Problems! As you probably know it’s a stomach-churning moment whenever something is spilled onto a carpet.

Whether it’s a glass of wine or your children have traipsed mud all over the house you’ll more than likely be on your hands and knees trying in vain to make it better. It’s actually more likely that you’re making the problem worse, digging the dirt deeper and smudging it into the fibres.

We’ve learned through good old experience here at The Daily Maid. As a domestic cleaner on the Wirral we are able to offer a carpet cleaning service that is deep-reaching through state-of-the-art carpet cleaning tools. You may never have cleaned your carpet before and don’t have the slightest clue on how to approach it.

As cleaners on the Wirral we can take the pain away from you and leave you with a carpet that you’ll be immensely proud to show off to your friends and family.