How much does The Daily Maid cleaning service cost?

Good question. Every one of our customer has different requirements, so we feel it is only fair to offer you a price based on your needs. We will come to your home to understand your lifestyle needs and offer a service / price that will get the job done.


Do I have to sign a contract to use The Daily Maid cleaning service?

No. Most of our customers have been with us for years and we never ask you to sign a contract. All we ask is that if you are un-happy with our service in any way that you give us a call to discuss. We value every customer and will do all we can to put an issue right.


Does The Daily Maid provide cleaning products?

Yes. When we offer you a price for a clean it includes everything – our time, our expertise and the cleaning materials. If you have personal tastes or environmental concerns we are happy to use your products as well.


Do I need to be at home whilst The Daily Maid cleaning is carried out?

No. We deliver a service that meets your needs, so if you are out during the day then no problem, we can arrange access prior to our visit. We understand that inviting someone new into your home can be daunting, but our success over the last 15 years has been built on the trust and security of our service. All keys are stored in a secured place overnight.


What is the minimum amount of time of your cleaning service?

Our cleaning service is not based on an hourly rate. We offer a price to get the job done. We may send a single cleaner or a small team, but rest assured the same high quality service will be delivered every time we come.


What happens if something gets broken?

We are always very careful whilst cleaning, but unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen. In these circumstances we will have the item repaired or replaced immediately.


Are your services insured?

Yes. Our business and all our cleaners are covered with public liability insurance as required by UK law.


For more information or to discuss our services please the Daily Maid on – 0151 678 7906