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Jordan Trek Raises Cash for Claire House

26th October, 2010

The Daily Maid is proud to support local charity and this October our founder will be be trekking from the Dead Sea in Jordan through to Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world. Jan Birss and her daughter Sarah Birss are fortunate to be able to accept this challenge on behalf of Claire House and the children they support on a daily basis.


Jan Birss writes…

“We do this to help those children as much as possible and strive to achieve as much as possible on their behalf. We will be trekking for 3 days and will walk over 45km. Please help by sponsoring us via our Just Giving page


All the team here at The Daily Maid wish them god-speed and hope that they enjoy, what really is, an opportunity of a lifetime. The Daily Maid team are planning a number of fundraising events for 2011 and will keep you posted as we come up with more crazy ideas.


About Claire House:
Located in Bebington on the Wirral, Claire House is a bright, vibrant place of hope. In addition to caring for our children and young adults, we also focus on the needs of the whole family, providing bereavement and other support for as long as it is needed. With no guaranteed government funding we need to raise in excess of £2.5 million each year to maintain our present levels of service.

Our specialist nursing team also work in the community through our ‘Hospice to Home’ programme which offers paediatric palliative care in the family home. With a hospice to home service also operating from our Liverpool office we are now reaching more families than in previous years and hope to see this grow in other areas too.

Wirral Cleaner the Daily Maid asks “How clean is Your House?

14th September, 2010


Whether you are old or young, male or female, own your home or currently renting, we all love it when Kim and Aggie get stuck in and turn a stinking mess of a home into a shiny new penny. Channel 4 is the home of the popular reality cleaning show – How Clean is Your House? and here at Wirral Cleaner we understand that everyone has times when they worry about someone coming into their home when it is not looking its best.


At The Daily Maid we have “seen it all”, and nothing surprises us anymore when we go to meet a new customer. Sometimes people tell us how nervous they are when we organise our first visit to your home with Jan and her team. We take this concern seriously and as a family business we look to make the process of inviting someone into your home for the first time as relaxing and as informal as possible.


Jan and her team all enjoy meeting new people and understanding our customer’s lifestyle and cleaning needs. Each customer has a story to tell and needs a service suited to their individual needs. We are specialist domestic cleaners and have many years experience of showing our customers homes in the best light.


Kim and Aggie have tons of cleaning tips at their finger tips, and at The Daily Maid we are no different. We have cleaned, scrubbed and polished many different types of spills and stains, and many of our customers love to find out the tricks of the cleaning trade from us. At The Daily Maid our advice is free and each new customer provides us with a new cleaning challenge, something I’m sure Kim and Aggie are more than used to.

Holiday Let Cleaning Wirral

1st September, 2010

Prestigious local events such as the UK Open Golf tournament at Royal Liverpool in Hoylake and the 2008 Liverpool Capital of culture in Liverpool have given Wirral a huge boost in tourist revenues and visitor appeal. For the 2008 Capital of Culture figures suggest that Wirral’s economy was boosted by £26m. Another great stat show that the number of day visitors to Wirral increased by 16% in 2008 from 2007, and the amount of money that day visitors spent increased by 17%.


This increase in visitors and tourism across the borough has seen a rise in the number of holiday lets available.


Here at The Daily Maid we have been assisting holiday letting owners for a number of years now and are proud to offer the following cleaning services


  • Polishing, dusting & hoovering
  • Washing of floors, doors & skirting
  • Cleaning of oven, fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards
  • Cleaning of bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets
  • Conservatories and other rooms
  • Patio and balcony cleaning
  • Removal of rubbish

    For an additional fee we can also help holiday let owners with the following…


  • Repairing, re-fixing and re-attaching loose fittings
  • Servicing door and window locks
  • Tightening loose washers on dripping taps and non-corgi plumbing work
  • Replacing of any light bulbs
  • Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and External Cleaning including Guttering, Windows and Fascias.


    The Daily Maid can provide is happy to provide holiday let owners with a one stop shop for cleaning and maintainence of their properties

  • Looking To Be A Wirral Cleaner?

    28th July, 2010. Written by professional writer John Meadowcroft


    As cleaners on the Wirral we’re always looking to expand our operation to make our cleaning experience the best it can possibly be for clients.


    Cleaning the Wirral is no easy feat though, so we look for a special breed of person to represent The Daily Maid. We want our cleaners to feel the passion that we feel for the art of cleaning, and the desire to give clients the most immaculate services possible.


    Previous experience is of course an advantage, but were we to find the right kind of person to represent The Daily Maid who really enjoys working hard then we will always give them a leg up and teach them the standards we expect for our clients.


    As a domestic cleaner on the Wirral representing us you will receive fully-comprehensive training. But we’re also looking for quirks and abilities that simply can’t be taught. We’re looking for cleaners who have the ability to smile and look on the bright side when a job is tough, and people with excellent manners who know how to communicate effectively.


    We’re a committed team here at The Daily Maid and understand that your family comes first. Our philosophy is the same – our family is incredibly important to us and so we can afford some flexibility. However, in return we need someone who is fearless to a challenge and is able to make our clients feel like the most important people on the planet.


    If you sound like the kind of person we’re looking for and would like to register an interest with The Daily Maid, contact us today!

    Cleaner Job Wirral with The Daily Maid

    28th May, 2010

    Currently The Daily Maid is looking to grow its team of dedicated cleaning staff and. We are driving our business forward and to do so we need the following to join our team:


    • Team Leader (own car preferred)
    • Full time cleaner (transport provided)
    • Part time cleaner (transport provided)


    Here at The Daily Maid we are looking for the best cleaners on the Wirral, you must be a trustworthy, reliable and punctual person, who wake ups every day and wants to get the job done. Previous cleaning experience will certainly be an advantage, but not essential. The Daily Maid is a people business so we like people who can commuinicate well, who enjoy their work and always take pride in what they do.


    Working Hours
    The Daily Maid always puts the needs of our customers first, but we also understand that our staff requires flexibility in their working hours. Generally speaking we work from 9.00am – 4:00pm, but we always look to accommodate family commitments when preparing your working week. At The Daily Maid we do not work weekends, evenings or bank holidays.


    All Daily Maid staff receive comprehensive training.

    Choosing a Good Wirral Domestic Cleaner

    17th April, 2010


    Finding a good Wirral domestic cleaner is always a challenge as there are lots of factors that you may want to consider when making your choice. Some of the most important factors are going to be experience, reliability, cost and everyone wants the peace of mind provided by a trustworthy cleaner.


    When it comes to experience you may want to be asking how long the company has been established, how did they gain cleaning experience and how they train their staff.


    Reliability is important because you need your cleaner to fit in with your life and your lifestyle. A good Wirral domestic cleaner will take time to understand how they can fit in with your life and flexible to meet your needs as a busy homeowner. They will be punctual and always advise you in advance if cleaning times needs to be changed.


    Cost is factor which everyone considers in all aspects of daily life, but what is important is to make sure that you get value for money when choosing a Wirral domestic cleaner. Going with the cheapest cleaner is unlikely to provide with the most comprehensive and cost effective service.


    Peace of mind in a new cleaner has been rated the number 1 factor when choosing a new cleaner. You should always ask for references, check how long the business has been established, inquire how they have built their business up – is it through word of mouth, because that is one of the best ways to spot a good trustworthy cleaner.


    At the Daily Maid we live by these guidelines every day and we are proud to be one of the leading Wirral domestic cleaning companies.

    Wirral Cleaning Company talks Spring Cleaning

    10th April, 2010


    Spring Cleaning is the period in spring time set aside for cleaning your home, normally applied in climates with a cold winter. Spring cleaning refers to the annual tradition of cleaning your home from top to bottom which normally takes place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name.


    It is thought that the origins of ‘spring cleaning’ date back to the Iranian Norouz, or the Persian new year, which falls on the first day of spring. Even today Iranians still practice “khooneh tekouni” which literally means “shaking the house” normally just before the new year. Everything in the house gets thoroughly cleaned, from the curtains to the furniture.


    At the Daily Maid we understand that when the sun comes out it is time to dust away those winter cobwebs, clean the windows and make ready for our glorious british summer time.


    As an established wirral cleaning company we will clean your home top to bottom, scouring all those dark areas where dirt and clutter can build up over the cold winter months. Spring is the time to start a fresh and what better way to do so that with a Spring Clean from the Daily Maid.