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Carpet Cleaning Wirral Reaches New Heights

12th February, 2011

The Daily Maid has always prided itself on supplying a first rate home cleaning service to its customer, but for 2011 we are proud to launch our new and improved Carpet Cleaning Service

Even using the most powerful vacuum cleaner it is not possible to remove all of the dirt, pet hair, and dust mites that become embedded in your carpet. The dust mites especially can be big trouble for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The Daily Maids carpet clean is the deepest clean possible, removing all traces of dirt, dust and grime; leaving your home looking good and smelling fresh.

We use the latest state of the art carpet cleaning tools and will leave your home looking fit for a king, or a queen. Why not give the Daily Maid – Carpet Cleaning Team a call today for a free quote.

A Wirral Cleaner With The Personal Touch

21st August, 2010. Written by professional writer John Meadowcroft


As a friendly Wirral cleaner, The Daily Maid often comes across many requests that people wouldn’t necessarily make to a larger organisation. That’s the advantage of being family-owned cleaners on the Wirral. We’re friendly and personable, with over fifteen years’ experience of cleaning out nooks and crannies across the peninsula.


Alongside these qualities is a real ambition to make The Daily Maid the best cleaning agency across the Wirral peninsula. We believe in hard work and aren’t afraid of it – you don’t exist for fifteen years without going the extra mile and incorporating a splash of elbow grease into every project you undertake.


We do it with a smile, too. On a personal level, this is our dream. Everyone who represents The Daily Maid has their own special, unique quality that lingers in our clients’ minds longer than the smell of Pledge polish and Dettol!


Our clients are dearly important to us and we thoroughly enjoy working alongside them as we make their homes as pristine and as immaculate as possible. We know from experience just how cluttered and messy a family home can be – we have a large brood ourselves. So we use all of our personal and professional experience to spot areas that other cleaning firms may not consider tackling when cleaning a residence.


Trust, personality and incredible attention to detail are just a few of our key selling points as a Wirral cleaner. We hope you’ll get in touch to give our services a try.

A Domestic Cleaner In Wirral For The Long Term

14th August, 2010. Written by professional writer John Meadowcroft


Most of our clients have been aboard the good ship Daily Maid for a number of years. We’ve made a lot of friends during our time as a domestic cleaner on the Wirral who are always pleased with the service we provide and the lengths we go to to make sure they are happy with the results.


A lot of our reputation has come from good old word of mouth – friends telling other friends about how far we go as a Wirral cleaner. That’s because we imbue hard work and industry into every project we take on, whether it’s a simple clean, a thorough spring clean throughout your home or cleaning up after the builders when they’ve trawled dust and mud throughout your home.


But over the past five years we’ve been incredibly busy. It seems that all of our clients have a hell of a lot of friends! So we’re gradually expanding and showing off what we can do as a domestic cleaner on the Wirral. But we don’t want to clean your house once and never hear from you again, oh no. We’re a friendly and personable bunch and want you to value the service we provide. We want to be there to take the cleaning weight off your shoulders and do so again and again for years to come.


The Daily Maid is living the cleaning dream and wants to be there time and again for years to come to provide a long-term cleaning solution that leaves you satisfied, and makes your house feel like a proper home.

The Trouble With Builders When Cleaning In Wirral…

23rd July, 2010. Written by professional copywriter John Meadowcroft.


We’ve found in our time – both professionally and on a personal level – that builders, though good at their jobs, can be a really messy bunch. In all fairness their job is to fix, repair and create. As cleaners in Wirral, it’s our job to clean up builders’ mess and make houses spick and span after they’ve been visited by fix-it-men of all shapes and sizes.


Builders’ expertise lies in mending, and though you may have a good builder who picks after himself, he won’t be able to do a thorough job that reaches deelyp and scoops the muck out of every nook and cranny. The Daily Maid to the rescue! We are a Wirral cleaner that can visit any home in the area, armed with precision cleaning tools that will help get all the dust and grime out of your home. You’ll never even know the builders have visited.


But our services don’t just extend to cleaning up after builders, we can also offer a one-off deep clean service, spring clean, after-tenancy cleaning service and more alongside our regular, thorough cleaning services.


You’ll need a cleaning service depending on the work your builder is carrying out on your house. If they are working externally they may bring lots of debris into the house with them. Working on the loft can be a dusty business while house extensions bring a whole new world of pain to your regular cleaning routine. When you invest in The Daily Maid as your Wirral cleaner, we’ll shoo any trace of building residue out the door, where it belongs!

Cleaners Wirral Talk Regular Cleaning

1st June, 2010

The Daily Maid’s reputation for the highest standards of cleaning excellence was built on our regular cleaning service. We can clean your home
on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, or more frequently if required. We will look to organise a suitable time and day for us to visit, we arrive on time and we will always leave your home looking spotless. You can get on with living your own life, trusting in the knowledge that our team of hard working cleaners will be at work making your home sparkle.


You would be surprised that even in the cleanest of homes the levels of hidden dirt and grime that can build up over only a few weeks. Pet hair, insect droppings, dust mites, spoiled food and much more can quickly accumulate contributing to bad odours, sticky surfaces and germs that may harm your family. As Cleaners Wirral we know what it takes to keep your home clean and germ free, we use market leading materials and expertise to make sure all those nasty little stains are whisked away.


At The Daily Maid we understand that a scheduled regular home clean forms the basis of a well organised home, and many of our customers take delight that they will have one less headache after coming home from a long day at work.